Welcome to our website!


We hope that this site will provide you with a general idea of the services our veterinary clinic offers and as a source of additional information on animal health care.

The Lytle Veterinary Clinic was established in the 1970’s as a mixed animal practice with a focus on large farm animals. Today, it remains a mixed animal practice but the focus has shifted to family pets, big and small. We consider it both an honor and a pleasure to serve the Lytle community.

The mission of our clinic is to help our patients live longer and healthier lives through preventative medicine and client education. We believe that if our clients know how to better care for their pets, it will benefit the whole family.

Please read on about our veterinarian, the staff, the services we offer, and getting your prescriptions online. We hope to offer many additional services in the future. We will definitely keep you posted, so check back often!