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Heatstroke in Dogs: Heat Can be Fatal to Your Pet

What is heatstroke? Heatstroke is a medical emergency for a dog and requires veterinary treatment. Heatstroke in dogs occurs when a dog’s normal body mechanisms cannot keep the body’s temperature in a safe range. The average normal body temperature for a dog is 101.5 F. A dog with heatstroke will often have a temperature in [...]

Employment Opportunity

Lytle Veterinary Clinic is currently hiring for the following position(s): We are currently not hiring applications. We are always welcome and kept on file for 6 months. Applications can be delivered by: In-Person: Lytle Veterinary Clinic 63245 State Hwy 132 N Lytle, Texas 78052 Online: lytlevet@gmail.com Click Below for: Employment Application

Rattlesnakes Season

When the bluebonnets are blooming, the rattlesnakes are moving. Venomous snakes bite about 150,000 dogs and cats every year. Snake bites are life-threatening, extremely painful, expensive to treat, and can cause permanent damage to your pet. The Rattlesnake vaccine is given in two injections a month apart. Protection peaks about 30 to 45 days after [...]

Itching And Allergy In Dogs

Itching and Allergy in Dogs can be attributed to a few reasons. Coping with an itchy pet can be an extremely frustrating experience for a pet owner and can truly test the limits of the human-animal bond. Persistent scratching and chewing by a dog can also result in open wounds to the skin and pain [...]

Adverse Reactions To Spot On Flea And Tick

Adverse reactions to spot-on flea and tick products can be an issue. Even though Spot-on flea and tick products for dogs and cats have greatly improved the safety and convenience of controlling external parasites on our pets. Using pesticides that are many degrees less toxic and frequently more effective than the organophosphate or carbamate [...]

Itching And Allergy In Cats

Coping with an itchy cat can be an extremely frustrating experience for you, the pet owner, and can truly test the limits of the human-animal bond. Persistent scratching and chewing by the pet can also result in open wounds to the skin and pain to your cat. The following information is intended to help provide [...]

Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing can be done at Lytle Veterinary Clinic. Allergy Testing at Lytle Veterinary Clinic. Every allergy case is unique. There is no magic pill for itchy pets. There are many options for short-term solutions to help control allergic disease signs in your patients. Immunomodulatory drugs target proteins with more wide-reaching impacts upon the body [...]

Holiday Hours And Office Closure

Holiday hours and office closure. If you have an after hour emergency you can call emergency pet center in San Antonio. The Lytle Veterinary Clinic website has our monthly specials, Holiday Hour and Office Closure, informative articles, and blogs are put up on lytlevet.com or follow us on Facebook. We now have an online appointment setting to be done [...]

Heartworm Disease

What is Heartworm Disease? Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease in pets in the United States and many other parts of the world. It is caused by foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of affected pets. This can cause severe lung disease, heart [...]

Proheart 12

Proheart 12 New At Lytle Veterinary Clinic Lytle Veterinary Clinic Would Like to Introduce Proheart 12. Proheart 12 is the only once-yearly injection to prevent heartworm disease† in dogs. Pets must be 12 months or older to receive injection. A convenient and cost-effective once a year injection so you don’t have to worry about [...]

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