Dermatology-Multivitamin products

Dermatology and Multivitamin products

Dermatology-Multivitamin products

Dermatology-Multivitamin Products 

Ask us about our new product line of dermatology products for the skin, fur, and ears. We also carry multivitamins and glucosamine product for additional health benefits for dogs and cats. Remember, we can spruce up your pet with a bath and nail trim. Please call (830) 709-3674 for a reservation.

Shampoo and Body Sprays

Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo (Pina Colada)

EFA Deodorizing Shampoo (Sweetpea & Vanilla)

Body Spray (Sweetpea & Vanilla)

Medicated Shampoos (Must be authorized by Dr.)

Dermabenz-3 Shampoo 

Keto-C Keto 1%, Chlorhex. 2% Shampoo

Nusaderm-T Shampoo 

Additional Products

EZ-Chew Calming Support

Joint Support Cat 

Max Strength Joint Support Dog 

Omega-V3 Liquid 

Multi-Vitamin for Dogs