FEBRUARY-Dental Product Discount


Take advantage of 15% off Dental Maintenance Products thru the month of February. Many products to choose from. Chew, toothpaste, toothbrushes, water additives and brushless toothpaste!

25% OFF Pet Dental Cleaning
  • VIRBAC Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs and CATS

    Dual-Enzyme System toothpaste formulated for dogs and cats to provide natural antibacterial action and to inhibit the formation of plaque. Also acts quickly to help eliminate mouth odors. *We carry it in Poultry and Vanilla Mint.

  • VIRBAC Pet Toothbrush

    Daily toothbrushing is the best at-home method for maintaining good dental health for cats and dogs. Virbac offers a complete line of specially designed toothbrushes aimed at making it easy and effective for cat and dog owners to care for their pet’s teeth as part of their daily routines.

  • Oratene Veterinarian Antiseptic Oral Gel

    Effective in the treatment of Stomatitis and Gingivitis
    The Oratene Veterinarian Antiseptic Oral Gel utilizes the patented Zymox Three Point Enzyme System which has been proven to be antibacterial and antifungal to safely and effectively treat even the most severe infections of the mouth. The Antiseptic Oral Gel is the most potent formulation in the Oratene product line. http://www.petkingbrands.com/products/bioteneAntiGel.html

  • Oratene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive Antiseptic Oral Gel

    Enzymatic Brushless Oral Solution
    This flavorless concentrate is added daily to drinking water to provide the safest, healthiest way to conveniently keep teeth clean without brushing. Features two patented enzyme systems: the LP3 Enzyme System AND the MD2 Enzyme System (Mutanase + Dextranase). Together, they effectively inhibit odor-causing bacteria and reduce plaque biofilm formation by rendering plaque water soluable and unable to bind to the tooth. This combination of patented enzyme systems creates a comprehensive oral care system with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

  • Oratene Oral Care Kits

    Oratene Veterinarian Brushless Oral Care Kits will introduce pet owners to the ease, effectiveness and convenience of the Oratene Veterinarian line of daily maintenance products while promoting healthy dental habits. Sample sized to allow pet owner to determine which product suits their needs best. Kits are ideal for resale or give-away, post-dental prophy, new puppy/kitten visits, or when counseling clients on medications which contribute to dry mouth conditions.

    Each Kit Features:
    1 – Drinking Water Additive – 1 oz. bottle
    1 – Maintenance Oral Gel – .75 oz. tube
    1 – Breath Freshener- 1.25 oz. bottle
    1 – Product Information Flyer