Proheart 12

Proheart 12 new at Lytle Veterinary Clinic

Proheart 12

Lytle Veterinary Clinic would like to introduce ProHeart 12.

ProHeart 12 is the only once-yearly injection to prevent heartworm disease in dogs. Pets must be 12 months or older to receive injection.

A convenient and cost-effective once a year injection so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a monthly dose and leaving your best friend exposed to heartworm disease.

For pricing and questions please call our clinic. To set up an appointment call 830-709-3674  or to set up appointment online  CLICK HERE.
ONE BITE* can give a dog heartworm disease.ONE ProHeart 12 injection ensures ONE FULL YEAR of constant protection.
*From an infected mosquito. Caused by Dirofilaria immitis.
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How do dogs get infected with heartworms?

The short answer: mosquitoes. A single bite from an infected mosquito can put your dog at risk for developing heartworm disease.

  1.  An infected mosquito bites your dog, infecting your dog with heartworm larvae.

  2. The heartworms then mature inside your dog, living in major vessels around the heart and even sometimes inside the heart itself.

  3. It could take longer than 7 months for the heartworms to be detectable with routine testing. An adult heartworm can grow up to a foot in length, living inside your dog’s heart and lungs.

The importance of full-year heartworm disease protection for your dog

Any dog, even your dog, could become infected

Heartworm disease has been diagnosed in every state and is a serious threat to your dog.

  • Early disease and damage can happen even before a test can detect heartworms
  • Heartworm disease has increased over 21% during a 3-year period and is expected to continue to spread
  • Treating heartworm is up to 25 times more expensive than simply preventing it
    • Once a dog is diagnosed with heartworm disease, a pet owner may have to pay for doctor’s visits, medications, post-treatment preventatives, lab tests, x-rays, and other medical expenses