The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication   By Teresa Rawlings, LVT   Communication is our most vital asset in any relationship these days. Especially in business communication can make or break a bond with a client. Many years ago, when information needed to be shared, most people would pick up a phone and call or even take the time to hand write a letter that would not reach the recipient for days. But now, we have so many more options to be able to share information and data that are much quicker and more convenient for all of us, especially considering the very busy and hectic lives we live. I, myself prefer to text, I may be busy doing something that would not allow me to answer a phone call, and usually my emails only get checked at the end of the days, but send me a text and you’re sure to get a reply fairly quickly. For others, I know, though, they prefer an actual conversation with a person, or monitor their emails regularly enough and that may be a more convenient method of communication for them. Luckily with all of this new and ever evolving technology our office is able to cater to everyone’s busy schedules and make communicating with your “other family doctor” a bit less stressful. Our top priority is keeping your pet healthy so that you may enjoy many years together and one way to do that is to make communicating with us as easy as possible for you. So whether you prefer to text like me, email while taking care of business at the office, or just want to call to be able to talk with one of our great customer service representatives at our front desk, please let us know which form of communication is more convenient for you so we can better serve your family.